Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cherry culture / the face shop / elf / korean counter haul

hi guys! just want to show you my haul that i accumulated over the past two weeks. if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!

my elf haul consists of: 1 luminance powder, 1 bronzing powder, 3 blending brushes, 1 sage eyeshadow and 5 compact cases (the latter 3 recommended by xteeener). these cases supposedly fit mac/milani shadows so i'm hoping to depot some of my single shadow so i can carry around a quad for convenience's sake. the case look/feel cheap but it's okay because they were like 50 cents. haha.

my cherry culture haul which consists of :

  • glosses in various nudes/pinks: natural, pinky natural, apricot, whipped, cafe latte, ballerina pink
  • the famous jumbo eye pencils in milk, cottage cheese, dk brown, and iced mocha
  • 1 single eye shadow in taupe
  • 2 l/s in B52 and Chloe
  • it came with a free crappy lip gloss from cherry culture
my the face shop haul which consists of base coat nail polish ( i meant to buy top coat darnit), 2 pearl masks, 1 ceramide mask, 2 samples of peeling day white jewel, and Hydro Splash BB cream.

lastly my random haul from the korean counter at morning glory and cvs:
  • 2 crease brushess -perfect for smaller asian creases and raved about by xteeener
  • Hanskin Gold Caviar BB Cream.

Please let me know if you want any of these items reviewed.

Another day at the office..

so I work at an interior decorating firm in NYC and yesteday my boss informs me we might have a reality show/ documentary about our company on tv..i don't want to be on camera!! i have yet to even post pics of myself on my blog! i am thinking about doing an EOTD soon but i am such a newbie it's kind of embarassing but i think it will be a great way to get tips from the gurus =) I am not comfortable doing FOTDs though for privacy reasons ;)

anybody ever purchased from facial-shop (courtesy of fuzkittie AGAIN)? i made one small teeny weeny purchase today for the laneige dry skin travel kit for $9.99. apparently, they have free shipping and 5% off orders with 3 items or more!

My blog obsession of the day:

She has got the most gorgeous eyes ever!! I can't believe she tagged me. She is so sweet, especially since I am such a nwe blogger- what an encouragement. She is the reason why I have the courage to do an EOTD soon!

Up tonight: My Haul!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I went down to The Face Shop and bought the pearl and vitamin a mask.. i'll let you know how those go. you think it's best to do masks once a week?

I went to the Morning Glory cosmetics counter and boy are those salespeople annoying! They were talking crap about the woman who had just bought something from them and had just left. I was hesitant to buy something but I gave into the Hanskin Gold BB cream. She kept pushing for a $60 one because it had whitening effects but I kept telling her so does the Hanskin and she said no but it says so on the damn packaging! They had a lot of Clio products but they looked old just as Mona cautioned me. The thing I love about Korean cosmetic stores is that they never fail to give you samples! There is a counter in Eve Beauty Supply on Roosevelt which I will check out soon bc I don't like those girs at MG.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Asian Cosmetics

Being a New Yorker, I have had pretty easy access to Japanese drugstore type of cosmetics since I have been going to asian supermarkets (esp mitsuwa) all my life. Recently after subscribign to fuzkittie and other asian blogs, I have been OBSESSED with asian cosmetics but the kind I can't find here!! =( I am interested in trying out Laneige, Hanskin, & CastleDew from Korea but I would like the opportunity to swatch the products first. Does anyone know of anywhere in NYC they have this line? I am even willing to go out to NJ- which is really not that far haha. I am going to check out a couple of stores in Flushing and K-town today after work. The stores I have in mind are Amore, Magic Castle, and the counter at Hanahreum on Union St. ahha. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Also has anyone gone to the Sheseido store across Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ?
Do they carry any of the lines from Japan?
Thank you!!

On another note, I ordered from 8ty8beautysupply abotu 2 weeks ago and still didn't receive my order even though they are located in New York too. I emailed them 2 days ago and they responded saying that they never got an order from my email address. Luckily, I had printed out the order. I almost freaked out because I came across a site online that 8ty8beautysupply was not a trustworthy dealer. I emailed them back telling them how I had a copy of the order and my card was charged and he then responded saying it was going to ship out regular ups ground instead of usps priority now. EXCUUUSE ME, I think that douchebag should've freakin overnighted that shizzle!! Anyhow, word of advice - don't trust your vendors to be on top of their stuff, always print out copies of your order as soon as you pay out! oh yes- and what did I buy? 15 china glaze polishes including some nice spring colors. They are the sister company of OPI and the polishes are GREAT QUALITY!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just wanted to share with anyone who comes across this:

Bobbi Brown is having a 25% off everything and use code "Instant" for free shipping!!

Elf is having a 70% sale with code: RNDMDSC70ER84

After my haul from cherry culture, I just had to purchase the corrector in light peach from bobbi brown after seeing itsliz89's review and 4 quad compact cases from Elf after seeing xteener's vids!

Can't wait to show you pics and do a look (amateur one of course)!

Also, after getting advice from fuzkittie, I made my first purchase at I spent about $200 there for 7 items..not so bad because I got mostly KATE items which seems to be a drugstore type of brand in Japan but under the mothership Sheseido. I really wanted some coffret d'or or maquillage but I decided on only one palette for now to test drive.


Monday, March 2, 2009

My First Entry!!

Hi everyone! I am new to blogging but I wanted to give it a try because it seems like a lot of fun and I would love to share my makeup collection and beauty tips with others.

After getting really into xteener you tube vids, I got a bunch of elf items as well as some nyx items. All the elf items were a little over a dollar and the nyx lipsticks , eye shadows, pigment, lip glosses ranges from 1.49 - 4.99. I was so happy to find placed that sell elf and nyx here in NYC. I have been googling for a month now to try to find a place besides the ulta in carle place but I ended finding 3 place randomly. If you'd like to me to get some stuff for you (at no charge), I don't mind at all! Of course, you'd have to pay for shipping.

I did a swatch of the butter pecan cream eye shadow. The brown side is pretty pigmented. The tan-pinkish side is not so pigmented however , it would make a great base.

Now here is the best part! I got a bunch of free samples at sephora. As you can see, he was quite generous! He g`ave me 5 of those foundation samples. I am willing to send out these to whoever wants one - I have 4 to give away. Please leave a comment and I will contact the first 4 commentors.