Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another day at the office..

so I work at an interior decorating firm in NYC and yesteday my boss informs me we might have a reality show/ documentary about our company on tv..i don't want to be on camera!! i have yet to even post pics of myself on my blog! i am thinking about doing an EOTD soon but i am such a newbie it's kind of embarassing but i think it will be a great way to get tips from the gurus =) I am not comfortable doing FOTDs though for privacy reasons ;)

anybody ever purchased from facial-shop (courtesy of fuzkittie AGAIN)? i made one small teeny weeny purchase today for the laneige dry skin travel kit for $9.99. apparently, they have free shipping and 5% off orders with 3 items or more!

My blog obsession of the day:

She has got the most gorgeous eyes ever!! I can't believe she tagged me. She is so sweet, especially since I am such a nwe blogger- what an encouragement. She is the reason why I have the courage to do an EOTD soon!

Up tonight: My Haul!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I went down to The Face Shop and bought the pearl and vitamin a mask.. i'll let you know how those go. you think it's best to do masks once a week?

I went to the Morning Glory cosmetics counter and boy are those salespeople annoying! They were talking crap about the woman who had just bought something from them and had just left. I was hesitant to buy something but I gave into the Hanskin Gold BB cream. She kept pushing for a $60 one because it had whitening effects but I kept telling her so does the Hanskin and she said no but it says so on the damn packaging! They had a lot of Clio products but they looked old just as Mona cautioned me. The thing I love about Korean cosmetic stores is that they never fail to give you samples! There is a counter in Eve Beauty Supply on Roosevelt which I will check out soon bc I don't like those girs at MG.

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