Monday, March 2, 2009

My First Entry!!

Hi everyone! I am new to blogging but I wanted to give it a try because it seems like a lot of fun and I would love to share my makeup collection and beauty tips with others.

After getting really into xteener you tube vids, I got a bunch of elf items as well as some nyx items. All the elf items were a little over a dollar and the nyx lipsticks , eye shadows, pigment, lip glosses ranges from 1.49 - 4.99. I was so happy to find placed that sell elf and nyx here in NYC. I have been googling for a month now to try to find a place besides the ulta in carle place but I ended finding 3 place randomly. If you'd like to me to get some stuff for you (at no charge), I don't mind at all! Of course, you'd have to pay for shipping.

I did a swatch of the butter pecan cream eye shadow. The brown side is pretty pigmented. The tan-pinkish side is not so pigmented however , it would make a great base.

Now here is the best part! I got a bunch of free samples at sephora. As you can see, he was quite generous! He g`ave me 5 of those foundation samples. I am willing to send out these to whoever wants one - I have 4 to give away. Please leave a comment and I will contact the first 4 commentors.


  1. Hii!! ^^ Yayy welcome to the blogging world, hehee.

    You can get P&J at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th ave in NYC!

  2. ooh ELF products! i have yet to try them XD
    hmm..lunasol and maquillage in nyc? i'm not too sure, you'd have to ask Mona on make me blushhh. or your could always purchase it on or they're pretty close to retail prices and the shipping is pretty reasonable =)
    i look forward to your posts!

  3. Chanced by here thru's Fuzkittie's links. If you're willing to send one sample to Singapore, I wouldn't mind one since Korres is unavailable here :)

  4. heya, you can't find brands like lunasol, maquillage etc in nyc. i've seen the occasional KATE palette but very limited and barely any selection. there's the drugstore items like mandom makeup remover, hadabisei etc in the city.