Friday, March 20, 2009

Asian Cosmetics

Being a New Yorker, I have had pretty easy access to Japanese drugstore type of cosmetics since I have been going to asian supermarkets (esp mitsuwa) all my life. Recently after subscribign to fuzkittie and other asian blogs, I have been OBSESSED with asian cosmetics but the kind I can't find here!! =( I am interested in trying out Laneige, Hanskin, & CastleDew from Korea but I would like the opportunity to swatch the products first. Does anyone know of anywhere in NYC they have this line? I am even willing to go out to NJ- which is really not that far haha. I am going to check out a couple of stores in Flushing and K-town today after work. The stores I have in mind are Amore, Magic Castle, and the counter at Hanahreum on Union St. ahha. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Also has anyone gone to the Sheseido store across Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ?
Do they carry any of the lines from Japan?
Thank you!!

On another note, I ordered from 8ty8beautysupply abotu 2 weeks ago and still didn't receive my order even though they are located in New York too. I emailed them 2 days ago and they responded saying that they never got an order from my email address. Luckily, I had printed out the order. I almost freaked out because I came across a site online that 8ty8beautysupply was not a trustworthy dealer. I emailed them back telling them how I had a copy of the order and my card was charged and he then responded saying it was going to ship out regular ups ground instead of usps priority now. EXCUUUSE ME, I think that douchebag should've freakin overnighted that shizzle!! Anyhow, word of advice - don't trust your vendors to be on top of their stuff, always print out copies of your order as soon as you pay out! oh yes- and what did I buy? 15 china glaze polishes including some nice spring colors. They are the sister company of OPI and the polishes are GREAT QUALITY!


  1. Flushing has the best selection. ktown in manhattan don't have much. the morning glory and magic castle have some clio and etude house stuff. they both only have the castledew nailpolish. both stores focus more on skin care prods than makeup. my only thing is the makeup looks like its been sitting there for a while. flushing also have a face shop and beauty credit. I actually think flushing has more stuff than korean stores in NJ. There are two amore stores in flushing, both carry the same prods. laneige/iope/ and this other brand.

    the shiseido store at mitsuwa carries the same amount of stuff at any shiseido stuff in nyc that you see in fqueens and chinatown. nothing special,just shiseido, qiora, and recently cle de peau

    if you're looking for makeup items such as maquillage, kate, coffret d'or, or lunasol etc its not sold in any of the stores here unfortunately.

    you can find kanebo sensai at the high end department stores in the city. again all skincare
    hope that helps

  2. I've gone into the Shiseido store across from Mitsuwa.. too bad they don't really have anything but the skincare lines. :/ Well, I guess M knows much more! Hehhee

  3. I hope you get your China Glaze polishes soon!

    I've also given you an award and tagged you!

    More of the 411 on my blog sweety! Have a great week!